KQC Beauty – Hair Straightener/Curling Iron Review

KQC Beauty Products are professional grade, top quality and efficient. They are ceramic and have been featured in so many magazines.  Sold in Canada and mostly at independently run salons, they have a wide variety of styling products to suit many different needs and style outcomes.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the X-Heat Original Ceramic Straightener and the imatic Automatic Curling Iron (also ceramic)

Guess what? You can win both items! SO AWESOME, achieve those GORGEOUS curls or pin straight hair with ease!photo-on-2017-11-02-at-1-29-pm-4.jpg

For more information, check out:

I’d like to thank KQC Beauty for supplying me these styling tools for my own review and an additional set to give away (OVER). Contest is for Canadian Residents only (excluding QC)


38 thoughts on “KQC Beauty – Hair Straightener/Curling Iron Review

  1. I love the fact that they will not dry out your hair and they also reduce frizz. It is hard to find one that doesn’t make my hair frizzy


  2. What I like most about these styling tools is that they will help me achieve a sleek look with the straightener and soft curls with the curling iron. Since they are quality tools, it will take less time to style my hair.


  3. First of all love both your videos & how to use the products – thanks.

    Being a gal with I would say somewhat curly hair once it dries the X-Heat Original Ceramic Straightener would come in handy to get soft & hopefully silky hair that I love. In reading up on this item I found it heats up in seconds (like that), the negative ions helps retain hair moisture and reduce frizz and has a 360 degree swivel cord (very helpful). This is one product that would sure be very useful especially on those damp days.

    With the KQC Imatic Automatic Curling Iron my mess frizzy hair instead would have hopefully luscious loose curls instead on those special occasion days. Love that is has 2 heat settings, left or right curl direction, ceramic barrel, far-infrared rays & much more.

    Both products would be a welcome addition in my home & know that the daughter would love to use them too.

    Thanks @navigatinglifemyjourney.wordpress.com for this lovely giveaway.


  4. I like how easy it is to curl your hair with the automatic curl. My hand usually cramp up so bad when I am trying to curl my hair that I give up. This makes it look so easy. I also like the straightener for days my hair gets frizzy. I have heard that ceramic straighteners work well and saw that in your demo. Thank you for the giveaway.


  5. What excites me about this styling products is the new technology that they incorporate to make is easier to style yet gentle on the hair.


  6. I have fine, curly hair, and also colour it, so I need something like this that is gentle on my hair, and will cut down on the frizz.


  7. I love that it will not dry out my hair. Colouring and hormones have played havoc with my hair and craves moisture all the time.


  8. I am so excited for the curler. My hair has a natural wave/curl, but if I ever want to achieve a different kind of curl it is so hard with my hair. I can never seem to convince it to follow a different curl pattern, but this tool looks really straight forward to use. I think I might be able to actually use this one!


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