I am looking for brands and individuals who share the same vision as me:

They want life to be vibrant, accessible, comfortable and stimulating. They want to be inclusive, eccentric, expressive and promote positivity towards unique individuals.

I’m interested in reviewing products both in written word and spoken word, on my blog, youtube and other social media channels. I am working on growing my audience. I’m HONEST and excited about potential partnerships and opportunities.


  • 29 years old
  • a resident in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada
  • a Vegetarian
  • on the Autism spectrum
  • a content creator
  • a Cat enthusiast0
  • someone who enjoys painting/drawing & doodling in vibrant colour
  • a lover of Vintage and Retro
  • texture sensitive
  • a lover of home made meals and baking
  • very visual, both with my learning and creative output

View my Press Kit (PDF)

I have collaborated with:

  1. The Mountain
  2. Libre Tea
  3. Chewigem
  4. Routine.
  5. KQC Beauty
  6. Missamé
  7. Au Naturale Cosmetics 
  8. Furless Cosmetics
  9. California Moonrise
  10. Socksmith
  11. Retrak
  12. EcoTools
  13. Famoso
  14. Fujifilm
  15. PureBites
  16. Carina Organics
  17. PlanetBox
  18. ThinkGeek
  19. Murale / (Lipstick Queen)
  20. Align Entertainment
  21. Alex Brands
  22. Talize