I started a contest to celebrate 100 sales (which I have surpassed already) on my etsy shop.

Here’s all the ways you can enter!

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Sensory Matters PODCAST & Going VIRAL!

Happy New Years Eve everybody. I’ve had a pretty eventful past few days. Firstly, I submitted a WINNING ENTRY to No Frills – which is a budget friendly grocery chain here in Canada owned by Loblaws (Galen Weston). I came up with a catchy, tongue-in-cheek melodic jingle and it’s going viral. It’s nearing 100,000 views. Check it out right here!

Also, Sensory Matters was kind enough to interview me for their podcast and it went live today.

I hope you have an amazing 2019!

Libre Tea Glass Infuser

I’ll gladly admit that I am one of those people who loves Tea.

Seriously, I bring it with me when we go on car trips and I never forget my insulated cup (no matter WHERE we go).

I’m very excited to talk about the incredible product from a Canadian Company: Libre Tea

It’s great for hot and cold teas, as well as fruits and herbs! Endless options. There’s a stainless steel mesh filter so when you drink, no leaves or particles come in contact with your mouth. It’s got a durable poly exterior and the interior is high temperature glass! I love that it’s not glass on the outside but you still get a very durable product with a clean-drinking feel. 100% BPA free! Hand wash only.


The Lively Leaves design is sleek, green and has a gorgeous motif! The size is 14.3 ounces / 420 millilitres.


For more information and other styles and sizes, please visit: