Puzzle Pieces & Autism Moms

I have wanted to write about this for a while but I have been putting it off. I wanted to address the issue with “Autism Moms” or “Autism Parents” and the exploitative tactics that sellers of Puzzle piece merchandise utilize … Continue reading


Why I am not okay with the puzzle piece for Autism: A response & counterthought

I posted this video to my youtube channel. I try hard to create a corresponding post so that it makes it a bit more sharable and I can add a bit more context. Youtube decided to recommend this video to … Continue reading

The (Perceived) Exploitation of Disabled People

(This is an OPINION PIECE. These are words that are from my brain and are not necessarily going to be shared by all.) Being disabled is something I have experienced for my entire life. This is not something I can … Continue reading

More good things!

I have some exciting news to announce. Not only was I a recipient of a BC Arts Council grant – which means I have the ability to create more awesome things, but my local MLA (Member of the legislative assembly) … Continue reading

Don’t tone police Autistics

As always, I want to put out a disclaimer: These are MY PERSONAL VIEWS. These belong to me. Other Autistic folks may agree and some may disagree. I wanted to talk about something that’s been really unnerving lately which is: … Continue reading

“…And it’s preying on my mind

…That there’s nothing left in my hands but timeTime don’t really care if I carry on.” I have a few things on my mind so I figured it would be important to get it all out in the open. Sometimes … Continue reading

Exposing The Aspie World

I am one of those people who seem to have the ability to cut through the drivel that is perpetuated by others. I saw right through Daniel Jones of The Aspie World. I knew that there was something about him … Continue reading