Today is the day where we reject Autism Speaks. We don’t light it up blue, we don’t say “Autism Awareness” because to be aware of something doesn’t mean you accept it.

Instead, choose to support Autistic people. Choose to support those around you instead of a large organization who are money hungry, have a genetic database, and use incredibly harmful imagery such as the puzzle piece.

I don’t need to feel like i’m broken, missing part of myself or needing some kind of solving.

The things I have personally done that i’m proud of (when imposter syndrome doesn’t rear it’s ugly head):

-Contributing to an important Autism guide (more info to come)

-Running Made by Autistics Community & Made by Autistics Marketplace on Facebook

-Creating a Neurodiversity and Autism merchandise collection on my etsy store

-Speaking up on various media channels

-Creating a dialogue and educating people against the harms of the puzzle pieces

-Having a podcast

-Having a youtube channel

-Bridging the gap between my art and Autism to open up the dialogue of what Autistic people are capable of and reducing stigmas

I feel like there’s so many things that Autistic people have accomplished, but instead these large organizations, who tend to weaponize “Autism Moms” against Autistic Adults, choose to continue to make life even harder for Autistic people.

If you’re Autistic, what are the things you are most proud of accomplishing?

If you’re not Autistic, do you have any questions for me?

Also, I wanted to add that I am having a contest for my Neurodiversity & Autism merchandise over at the Made by Autistics Marketplace on facebook and if you’re feeling like joining and entering, I would truly be very jazzed about it!

Relevant blogs i’ve written:


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