Childfree Pins & Autism Candles

First part of this blog, I would like to discuss my latest enamel pin release.

I’ve been openly Childfree and I have incredibly controversial views when it comes to procreation. As you may or may not know I once got in to a bit of a brawl with a parent for posting an unpopular opinions puffin meme, where they felt PERSONALLY ATTACKED.

I am unapologetic about this. I’m very open about it and I do get harassed often on dating sites & apps by men who don’t read my profile about it. So, I wanted to create an enamel pin that would be an excellent accessory to lapels, backpacks and much more. This was not a product that I was able to purchase from someone else, so I took it amongst myself to create. So far, i’ve sold 18 since launching them just a few days ago.

If you want one, you can buy one in my etsy store at

Autism Candles

If you stumbled upon my page from Autism Candles, please note:

I do NOT endorse Nathan. I have asked him MULTIPLE TIMES to remove my content from his blog and he has refused and has chosen to gaslight me. He is featured in an Autism Speaks employment toolkit and it is in my best interest to not be associated by someone who has associations with AS and chooses to use the colour blue. I do have screenshots of our conversations but I am not going to be posting them. I just felt that I needed to disclose this.

Sadly, due to his combative nature and inability to respect my wishes to remove my content, I have removed the reblog feature for my posts.

If he is posting your content, perhaps you can try to ask him to remove it – but chances are you’ll be met with an argument versus a kind response agreeing to take it down. I really thought he’d be a little kinder about it, but he hasn’t been. I’ve already tweeted to him in the past and we had a pretty heated argument that he seemed to have forgotten about.

Thanks so much for reading!

Puzzle Pieces & Autism Moms

I have wanted to write about this for a while but I have been putting it off.

I wanted to address the issue with “Autism Moms” or “Autism Parents” and the exploitative tactics that sellers of Puzzle piece merchandise utilize to gain sales.

I reached out to a parent run company on etsy that was selling a sparkly puzzle piece enamel pin in honour of their Autistic child. I tried to educate them and tell them that it is a symbol of hate and eugenics, and instead they felt threatened by me and told me if I continued to contact them, that they’d report me to etsy.


Informal video. Read the ableist history of the puzzle piece. Please no pro puzzles! #autism #autistic #autistictok #actuallyautistic #neurodiversity

♬ original sound – Margaux – retrophiliac

There’s over 6,000 listings for the search query of “Puzzle piece Autism”. These are sellers who are EXPLOTING THE IGNORANCE OF FOLKS WHO DO NOT KNOW IT’S A HATE SYMBOL. Chances are, the people selling these items are profiting off this. They probably know how harmful this symbol is and yet they continue to perpetuate it because it’s PROFITABLE.

I’m unsure of how many folks don’t see the problem here. Profiting off these symbols and selling them to unsuspecting individuals is wrong and again, incredibly exploitative.

I’m in a facebook group and a mother had asked about her “Autism Mama” bracelet which was adorned with puzzle pieces, and she was quickly – and swiftly educated.

I ended up having an “Autism Mom” slide in to my private messages and DEMANDING I educate her on the subject. There was more than enough information in the initial thread. She weaponized an Art of Autism article against me about someone who was pro-puzzle piece (but denounced her support in the beginning of the article). I had asked The Art of Autism to amend this article to include pertinent articles and was met with an uncomfortable misunderstanding. At this point, I will no longer associate myself with The Art of Autism.

Make better choices, buy from Autistic people (Made by Autistics Marketplace is a great resource), support the rainbow spectrum infinity symbol and do your research.

A note: If you’re a PARENT of an AUTISTIC CHILD, Do -NOT- co opt their diagnosis as your identity. This is NOT your identity. Don’t talk over Autistic adults. Listen instead. Remember: Your child is going to be an ADULT SOMEDAY. Wouldn’t; you want them to be able to help others and feel empowered?

Also: don’t expect Autistic adults to be a certain way or to provide endless advice. We don’t owe anyone (especially parents) anything.

If you need more information about this, please visit:

Don’t forget, I have a NEURODIVERSITY PRIDE COLLECTION. There ARE alternatives to the puzzle piece.