Aisle Period Underwear Review

As someone who identifies as non binary, getting my period is something that I don’t enjoy dealing with. I will admit that it’s MUCH better than the alternative (the alternative being pregnant, i’m openly childfree).

I reached out to local, Vancouver based company aisle (formerly lunapads) because I really appreciated all their inclusive messaging that they use in their marketing material and website, an example being “Period for every body”. That made me feel like “oh, this is the brand for me.”

Now for the review:

It’s that time so I wanted to finally try this product out.

My first impressions:

-I appreciate the packaging being recyclable and eco friendly, they used a biodegradable bag and tissue paper to wrap the items. No plastic in sight.

-Both underwear styles are constructed well, proper tension around the seams, high quality fabric and the reinforced gusset is discreet.

In comparison, I have tried Knix period underwear and had to request a refund because the placement of the gusset did not align with the parts where I bleed, and I did not have any additional coverage or protection because of it: rendering their product completely useless for me. I’m having the opposite experience with aisle: these are covering me properly, the reinforced part comes up high enough in the front that i’m offered coverage and protection.

I intend on wearing these with my Divacup. I have used it for years now and I love it – but slight leakage can occur so I thought that this would be an excellent duo.

I really enjoyed the brief style. These were my FAVOURITES! I just would definitely add an insert next time. They were perfect in every way. Super comfortable underwear and the reinforced, absorbent gusset was in the right spot.

In terms of the boxer briefs, I found that they did not agree with my sensory sensitivity, they fit snug and the leg/short portion did not interact well with me. I don’t want anything around a specific part of my leg. If you can handle this, there’s a lot of benefits to this product.

I found that they had a lot more protection as the absorbency core seems to run all the way to the back. The spot to insert an additional pad was in a very unfortunate area – I would have preferred if it was a little higher up, towards the front or just a singular slit vs a circular area. When I slept, I found that I should have inserted an additional pad as I ran in to some issues when I woke up. This probably works a LOT better for people who sleep on their back. I sleep on my stomach.

When I wear them next, I intend on wearing with my cup for sure. This will be the perfect amount of protection to suit my particular needs.

If you think this item will suit your needs, click here to receive $10.00 off your purchase.

Thanks for reading!

Additional note:

Aisle is a B Corporation, I want to touch on my personal feelings: I do not put any validity in to B Corporations. I have worked for one before and was treated poorly. It is a self fulfilling prophecy as companies are required to pay B Corp to be assessed. (Did you know that Hootsuite is a B Corp? They almost had a contract with ICE). A good example is that ME TO WE is a B Corp and they are incredibly problematic. I would highly suggest watching POVERTY INC to understand why organizations like Me to We & B Corporations are rewarding harmful behaviour. I am NOT saying aisle is doing these things, I want to make that very clear.


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