Exposing the NORA NYC Scam!

I’ve heard all kinds of things about them trying to shut people down and say it’s slander but i’m going to go ahead and preface this with a warning: these are things i’ve witnessed and read about. All allegedly, of course.

  1. The Comment: If you’re reading this, chances are you got a comment on one of your instagram photos. It generally will start with a compliment and then saying something along the lines of the fact you’re been selected to be an affiliate and “work” with them. They ask you to DM or e-mail for more information.
  2. The DM: If you email or DM them, they’ll come back to you with a message almost instantaneously. I believe that a majority of their communications are automated. They are essentially casting out their fishing pole and waiting for some bites. They’ll let you know about the “exclusive” discount you’ll receive if you order, the affiliate code you’ll get and the fact that you will be featured on their profile. I’ve heard that the affiliate code that is passed around is one they share multiple times. Usually those codes are individual to each person so that they receive their cut. I’ve read/heard that a lot of people have not received a cent.) Word to the wise — if it was a legitimate sponsorship/partnership or collaboration, you will NOT be spending money. That should immediately raise a red flag.
  3. The Purchase: If you’ve already gone this far and made a purchase, sorry to say, but you fell for it. You fell for their pitch and their promises. On either site, you’ll see the jewelry or sunglasses. They are sometimes modelled and passed off as “handcrafted” and “handmade” This is part of the facade of quality that they are creating. In fact, most of the items they pass off as being their own designs are available through eBay and alibaba. It doesn’t take long for me to find some styles they are hawking. 
  4. The Questions: So, it’s been 4-8 weeks and you still haven’t received your glasses. Well, here’s the deal. Your item is coming from China and it’s possible that Nora NYC & Mirina are both based there. They have no phone number, no address and seemingly no information other than an e-mail. You’ll get some kind of phony excuse. 
  5. The Product: You’ve received your product. It came in a grey, plastic envelope with a shipping label from china. Packaged on a flimsy card or in a thin, cardboard box. It feels lightweight, it’s falling apart or crooked and you’re unhappy with the product you received. Well, I hate to tell you, but there’s a very good chance it’s made out of cadmium. To reduce costs, cadmium is used because it’s saves money and increases profit margins. Oh, not to mention, it’s EXTREMELY TOXIC.

Instagram is @shopnoranyc




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