My Autistic Voice & My News Media Experience

I am not sure if any of my readers or viewers of my videos saw me on tv, heard me on the radio or read my quotes (in various articles) but I wanted to talk about what it’s like being an outspoken advocate with a much wider reach. 

Pixabay Image

It can be exhausting, exhilarating and rewarding.

On one hand, I feel privileged and fortunate to have that kind of platform but on the other hand it required a lot of masking and time to emotionally decompress. I also wanted to mention that I did not rehearse anything I said. Everything was on the spot and completely spontaneous.  

If anyone is wondering how this came about: Twitter. I get pretty outraged about things and I find that it seems to be a platform with a very receptive audience. I can’t recall what was the first media source that alerted me to the whole Laurie Guerra/AutismBC issue, but, as a member of the community where she is presently serving, I felt as though it was my duty, not only as a civilian but as an Autistic person, to throw my feedback in to the mix. I was heard. WE (the autistic community) were heard. It’s not okay to serve one group of marginalized people and then say negative things about a curriculum that is supposed to teach school-aged children acceptance and awareness for those who are LGBTQ2+.

Any time I see a pertinent issue, I try to get involved, amplify the message of those who are allies, friends & the Autistic community. I feel fortunate that I have found a purpose. There is hope and strength in our message that comes through our activism. 

This can not happen again. We will not be dissuaded.


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