Libre Tea Glass Infuser

I’ll gladly admit that I am one of those people who loves Tea.

Seriously, I bring it with me when we go on car trips and I never forget my insulated cup (no matter WHERE we go).

I’m very excited to talk about the incredible product from a Canadian Company: Libre Tea

It’s great for hot and cold teas, as well as fruits and herbs! Endless options. There’s a stainless steel mesh filter so when you drink, no leaves or particles come in contact with your mouth. It’s got a durable poly exterior and the interior is high temperature glass! I love that it’s not glass on the outside but you still get a very durable product with a clean-drinking feel. 100% BPA free! Hand wash only.


The Lively Leaves design is sleek, green and has a gorgeous motif! The size is 14.3 ounces / 420 millilitres.


For more information and other styles and sizes, please visit:


15 thoughts on “Libre Tea Glass Infuser

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  2. I love my Libre’s. I have been using them for years. My favourite feature is the screen in the container. I drink alot of fruit infused water and it keeps the fruit where it should be while i drink.

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  3. I love all types of tea. My favourite is rooibos and mate for different times during the day. I love how you can steep this with the leaves on top or below. It will be great for all types of tea. I would truly love to win this 💕 🍵

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