Smart Grocery Shopping: 11 Ways

The Grocery store isn’t the place you always want to be. It’s sometimes nearly impossible to navigate and a quick trip turns in to an hour!  Some ways I save time and money:

Write a List

Whether it’s on a ratty piece of paper or typed up on your phone, it’s a pretty smart idea. That is, if you can stick with it. Make it a personal challenge!

Try not to shop when hungry

It’s so easy to toss some junk food in to your awaiting cart or basket. The hard part is trying to abstain from eating it once it’s in your house!

Check all the flyers you have in print or online

I write my list based on stores & prices. A lot of the time stores will have the same items on sale and it’s worth doing a side by side comparison.

Search for coupons for sale items

You wouldn’t believe how you can save. Some great websites are websaver, (they even have an app now), and Websaver. Some stores have coupons specific to them on their website that you can print out. Newspapers come with coupon inserts as well so ALWAYS check and hold on to them. Don’t be afraid to google search for your specific coupons. If you’re going to get in to couponing on a regular basis, check your dollar store for a small file or book to organize them in.

Take Advantage of loyalty card offers

All cards are different. Cards like PC plus only give you points if you’ve loaded your offers. It’s worth checking your email frequently to see what items you get more points on!

Check the ethnic foods aisle

I’ve been buying spices like no ones business as of late. The regular spice aisle can be a bit more expensive. If you want a larger amount at a fraction of the cost, mosey on over and check it out! Also great for things like canned items as well.

Check the clearance

It might be produce, cheese, bread or other items. Check the date, check the product. If it’s in fine shape it might be worth saving a few bucks. Generally expiry dates are loose guidelines. I purchase my bread this way and just stick it in the freezer until i’m ready to eat it.

Check your local Farmers Market

I definitely wasn’t prepared to spend $1.58 on one bell pepper at RCSS. I was able to purchase two peppers for less then that at my local Farm store. Most definitely worth it to stock up on your produce this way. I also know if i’m making a recipe and not using specific ingredients more then once to just buy what I need, it turns out to be cheaper for me and I have less food going bad.

Bring your flyers with you & match prices

Most stores will allow you to do this, some will also allow you to use coupons with the advertised deals too. I’m one of those people who will have a few flyers stashed in my purse. You can always use apps like flipp or websites like flyertown on your phone as well!

Familiarize yourself with the Scanning Code of Practice

If you’ve ever seen a piece of paper with some words and a few symbols at cash and never really paid much attention to it, you should. If a price of an items scans higher then the posted price, you’re entitled to that first item free up to a $10 value. Not all stores participate.

Download Checkout 51, Caddle and Zweet to earn cash back

Check out the offers and as long as you buy the item within the proper time frame, you’re good to go! Snap the receipt and watch that money add up.

Here’s a handy list of links to help you save:

Caddle (Referral)
Ebates (Referral)

DISCLAIMER: None of these brands or products have contacted me in any way to promote their brands. These are things i’ve found out on my own accord and I am sharing it with you!


A fresh new start


Part of my mug collection

I got a new job!

I’m also super, super nervous about it. You know when nerves mix with excitement and a sprinkle of anxiety? That’s where I’m at. I actually kind of feel sick about it.

I’m going to be learning the skill and art of the Barista. Here’s to hoping I don’t get overwhelmed. If that does happen, I have to remember to breathe and utilize the support systems I will have in place.

I haven’t worked in four months and I haven’t totally minded it, but obviously it’s not sustainable since I have bills to pay, cats to look after, food to buy and so on and so forth. I’m constantly thinking of what’s the next big thing for me and I’m thankful I started this blog because the feedback, the support and the sense of purpose it’s giving me–well, it totally fills my heart with joy!

My inner dialogue goes a little something like this:

  • Will I remember the recipes?
  • Will I please the customers?
  • Will I handle the pressure?
  • Will I remain calm and focused?
  • Will I be able to handle the lights, smells and sounds?

I’m usually very nervous around food handling – especially if it includes leafy greens which is a big sensory-trigger for me. I know: A Vegetarian who doesn’t like leafy greens? Yeah, that’s right. I don’t do salads. I don’t do Lettuce, Kale or any of those Green, plastic-y foods. Nope, Nope, NOPE!

Fortunately, the company that hired me is exceptionally inclusive in their hiring and they will be able to work with my support lady at the local autism centre to ensure I have all the resources I need to be successful. For me, that’s everything. That’s the key to my success. I want to be viewed as being able to perform the job. I want people to know that those on the spectrum are capable of greatness! We don’t need a cure, we need support.

Libre Tea Glass Infuser

I’ll gladly admit that I am one of those people who loves Tea.

Seriously, I bring it with me when we go on car trips and I never forget my insulated cup (no matter WHERE we go).

I’m very excited to talk about the incredible product from a Canadian Company: Libre Tea

It’s great for hot and cold teas, as well as fruits and herbs! Endless options. There’s a stainless steel mesh filter so when you drink, no leaves or particles come in contact with your mouth. It’s got a durable poly exterior and the interior is high temperature glass! I love that it’s not glass on the outside but you still get a very durable product with a clean-drinking feel. 100% BPA free! Hand wash only.


The Lively Leaves design is sleek, green and has a gorgeous motif! The size is 14.3 ounces / 420 millilitres.


For more information and other styles and sizes, please visit:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Product Review

I want to thank Rouge Bunny Rouge for sending me this SWELL BLISS XXX Lip Plump to try out, their products are CRUELTY FREE and not tested on animals!

For more information, please visit:

Korres Product Review

I wanted to thank the very kind people at Korres for sending me some wonderful products in exchange for a review. They are CRUELTY FREE and truly believe in being eco friendly and avoiding a list of chemicals. I can definitely support that.

They actively give back to the Greek community and work with farmers and communities across Greece. Supporting farmers is such an important cause!

The products I test out in my video are:

KORRES Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, $43
KORRES Guava Shower Gel, $24
KORRES Yoghurt Body Butter, $33
KORRES Guava Body Butter, $33

In Canada, KORRES products are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and

For more information please visit:

My Rescue Cats

BuddyIt’s funny—I’ve always had the softest spot for animals in my heart. Growing up, our house was chaotic and full of different kinds. We had Birds – large and small, Dogs and Cats. They were always so comforting to me. Back then, I was bullied a lot. I didn’t have many friends or people I could confide in. I remember crying in my bedroom and just talking to one of our dogs. I always felt so comforted by the soft, cuddly, non-judgemental soul staring back at me, wanting affection and giving it right back to me.

I never, ever took their love for granted. Never. I had been mentally drained by all the negative energy surrounding me on a daily basis and felt lucky I at least had them.

Now, as a 29 year old adult, I feel as though my calling is having these beautiful, golden babies in my life. Buddy is five years old and we adopted him two years ago. His previous owner said he was too loud at night and gave him up. He is the sweetest, kindest and most precious Cat i’ve ever met. He gives me endless head-butts and really enjoys his catnip. He chose Justin (my significant other) at the BCSPCA by reaching his paw out for him when we visited. We couldn’t stop thinking about him and he’s ridiculously spoiled.

Ruby, our beautiful new baby. We got her just yesterday and she is a very scared little girl. She is a doll, just over a year old and needs her time to flourish and become more confident. If anything, she’s teaching me so much already and in many ways, I feel like I understand her a lot. I know what it’s like to be scared of new surroundings, to have to take your time, to not really like being touched all the time and having to do things at a pace that’s just right.

Buddy is taken with her. Their meeting was amazing. He sniffed her and no claws came out, no hissing happened and he’s even already groomed her a few times.

I’m excited to see what will happen over time and I can’t wait to see them bond and become inseparable. We are SO lucky to have them both in our lives and I continue to feel like my heart is whole.

Look good, Feel better?

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 10.32.13 PM.png


I’m not really sure if looking good really makes you feel better. I believe that channeling who I am inside with my outward appearance helps me connect to others just a bit better. I’m not implying that my no makeup, t-shirt ways aren’t any less of who I am.. but they may convey a sadder, more depressed me. I’d like to attract happiness, good things, positive things, new experiences and new opportunities.

I’m a bit aloof, i’ll happily admit (well, maybe not so happily…) that i’m sometimes lacking those oh-so-neccesary interpersonal skills that neuro-typicals possess. I don’t think people realize how lucky they are to be able to have a conversation with others and not be perceived as being a weirdo or just completely inept. This has happened to me way more times then I could even begin to count on my fingers and toes!

I even try hard to make small talk with people. I’m still able to confuse others and end conversations on the flip of a dime. Ugh. Will it EVER get easier? I’m still lacking a social circle. I still haven’t made any art lately (i’m going to damn well try), I still need to list items on my eBay and figure out the big, bold, wondrous answer to my very apparent and repetitive question:


They do say “All good things come to those who wait.”

Haven’t I been waiting long enough?

Lots of stuff in the pipeline!!

I’m so excited to announce that there’s a few brands I will be working with.

I am an ambassador for a really stimulating product that helps people who may be on the ASD spectrum. I am so happy that i get to review this product and share my experiences with all of you.

I’ll also be working with Eve of American Badass Activists on Neurodiverse Beauty, Glamour and Fashion articles. We want to show that yes, there are brands who are totally tone deaf when it comes to marketing to people of different abilities, but there are also those of us who love to express ourselves in colour.  I’ve created my first makeup video:

Neurodiverse Beauty_ My routine.png

I hope, with the products I will be able to test out, that i’ll bring more content just like this featuring items that really help me live my life in a bold way.

How do you live your life boldly?