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There must be a good reason? I decided to start Navigating Life, My Journey with Mental Illness after a friend of mine told me I should be blogging. I recently lost my job and I am in a bit of a rut. You might know me from my OriginalRetrophilac videos on youtube. If you don’t, I suggest you go check it out and subscribe. I hope to do a mix of videos and articles on this blog, showcasing my somewhat sad existence. I’m not sure if things are going to get better or if more doors are going to open after one just hit me on the ass on the way out…. I can’t say for certain. But what I can say is this is going to hopefully be about my feelings, my emotions, what i’m doing, how i’m dealing with it and interacting with all of you. Maybe this will be a safe haven, maybe i’ll be able to do some advocating or literally preaching to the choir…. This could be the start of something really interesting!


1 thought on “You’re here

  1. M, I started following you on youtube after seeing a video you made on employment and Asperger’s. I also learned somethings about myself from watching your youtube video on burnouts. Two years seems to be the longest I can stay at a company before I’m told I don’t fit in, or nobody in the company likes me, or…, etc. (One company was a collection of call centers, so I got shuffled around – drew out my tenure to four years). I’m hoping your new blog can give me some insight into employment problems I’ve had (I never feel depressed or anxious, but I do have an HFA diagnosis).

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